10th March 2021

We all know doing right by the planet is, well, just the right thing to do. Many businesses are working hard to green up the materials they use in their creations – be it artistic jewellery or ethically responsible skincare or makeup – to simply make sure what they are selling is better for the environment. But those leaps forward shouldn’t end there. Thinking about how we impact the planet must also influence how a brand packages and delivers its products. Luckily, being sustainable in the packaging department – your customer’s first introduction to a product – can still result in a beautiful, colourful and elevated brand experience.

At Potters Box Makers, we strive hard towards making the feel-good part of sustainability happen. It’s not always easy – or possible – but meeting customers’ expectations in the era of tackling climate change is imperative. The global push away from single-use plastic, for example, is fuelled by the goal “inspire the world to turn off the plastic tap” from such brilliant, pro-business campaigners as A Plastic Planet. It’s a drive which has obviously steered many brands to ditch the plastic and reject shiny finishes in favour of uncoated FCS-certified and recycled paper-based packaging, among other greener credentials.

We’ve shifted over the years to put increasing resources and time into sourcing materials in ways that are as ethical and sustainable as possible. We increasingly check that the paper and cardboard used throughout our factory is FSC-certified, meaning it comes from forests that are responsibly managed in line with the Forest Steward Council’s guidelines and trees are replanted. Better yet, we’ll plump for recycled paper and cardboard.

Like many proud made-in-England companies, we also aim to use UK-based suppliers, which share our eco-friendly aims and have considered how they can cut their carbon footprint. Working locally helps to reduce emissions from carbon-intensive transportation and makes it easier to trace the origins of materials. To achieve either a small run of bespoke boxes – made-to-measure creations – or a giant run of packaging, we work with specialist equipment as well as mechanical behemoths. We’ve had to tweak and challenge conventional printing and box-creating practices to build up better environmental approaches that meet today’s desires. We’ll carefully select – whenever possible – non-toxic or bio substances such as vegan glue (see pictured: Nessa box). Which means your team, your customers and our staff avoid being in contact with hazardous chemicals, and it is kinder to animals too.

Beyond using fewer raw materials in the first place, all businesses know the easiest way to reduce their impact on the planet is to avoid sending unnecessarily to the landfill and to ensure as much is recycled as possible. Beyond the recycling bin in the workplace, you can even sell it onto other companies who have use for it.

But it’s also important to make it seamless for your customers to recycle when they purchase from you. Wrapping your products in packaging such as paper and cardboard that are widely recyclable makes sense, along with giving customers instructions on how they can dispose of your product and its packaging. Let’s make the eco-journey together.

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